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 Much has been written about the Governor’s race and what it means for the future of our Commonwealth.  Unfortunately, in the coverage of the race, like in so many campaigns, the message s of the candidates gets garbles and the truth does not necessarily get communicated.


As someone who has closely followed the race and who is supporting Governor Corbett, I wanted to let Chester County voters know what a Wolf Administration will mean to Chester County taxpayers, businesses and families.


 I hope the voter’s will read this and understand that Tom Corbett is the better choice for Governor on November 4th.



If you believe that

 . . .Pennsylvania is NOT in a financial crisis with $50 billion in unfunded pension obligations and annual payments for government worker pensions ballooning from $400 million to over $4 billion dollars per year, then Tom Wolfe your man.


. . . It is fair that state government workers and teachers have a taxpayer guaranteed defined benefit pension plan while the rest of us save for retirement in IRA's and 401k plans and bare the risk of stock market downturn, than Tom Wolf is your man.


. . . Pennsylvania should have a progressive tax system that penalizes hard work and success, then Tom Wolf is your man.


. . . Couples making over $70,000 a year are "rich" at that they should see higher income taxes, then Tom Wolf is your man.


. . . Redistribution of wealth is the proper role of state government, then Tom Wolf is your man.


. . . Obamacare did not go far enough and that we should have a single payer, government run health care system (Tom Wolf’s own words), then Tom Wolf is your man


. . .Pennsylvania should remain one of only two states that has a monopoly on the sale and distribution of liquor, wine and spirits, then Wolf is your man.


. . . Government and teachers unions should be on both sides of the bargaining table, and the taxpayer should not be represented in negotiations, then Tom Wolf is your man.


. . . Pennsylvania should dramatically increase its spending on state government so that we become like California and Illinois, that Tom Wolf is your man.


 If, on the other hand you believe that:


. . .Government should not be in the business of selling wine, alcohol and beer . . .


. . .Government workers should have a defined contribution plan like the rest of us . . .


. . .State spending should be held to a rate of growth not greater than the rate of inflation . . .


…Good teachers should make more than mediocre and bad ones and that we need reform the way teachers are hired, fired and awarded tenure . . .


…We should encourage, not undermine natural gas exploration in Pennsylvania because it helps lower utility costs, create new jobs and industries in Pennsylvania and helps America move toward energy independence .


Then Tom Corbett is your man.


I know who I will be voting for next Tuesday.




If you are interested in volunteering for the Chester County GOP, please contact Laura Wagoner at or call 610-696-1842.

If you are on social media, please “like” our
Facebook page or "follow" us on Twitter! Our social media is constantly being updated with new information, and by sharing this information with your family, friends and neighbors, you are doing more for our efforts than any mailing or commercial ever would. Local, personal outreach is the most important and effective way to campaign.

We greatly appreciate all you've done for us and look forward to another successful election in November.

Warm regards,


Val DiGiorgio
Republican Committee of Chester County