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Greetings Chester County Voters:

As we begin a New Year, I wanted to send you a quick message of thanks. Once again, Chester County voters chose to elect good, qualified Republicans to lead our county government.

Chester County has benefitted from the strong financial and ethical management of its county government. Without your support, it wouldn't be possible for our Republican-led government to balance yet another budget without raising taxes while maintaining responsible fund reserves. Because of your support for our GOP- led Chester County Government, we can be thankful for:

•Good Schools;
•AAA bond rating saving Chester County residents millions of dollars;
•A beautiful county with thousands of acres of preserved open spaces and parks.

Beyond that, all of our elected leaders at the county continually work for open, transparent and responsive government. We are very proud of that tradition, and we look forward to continuing to make Chester County a great place to live, work and raise a family.

In addition to your support on Election Day, there is more you can do to help elect strong leaders at the local, county and state levels.

A small donation of $5, $10 or $25 goes a long way in providing our GOP team with the resources to continue to promote good government.

Also, we are always in need of dedicated volunteers and if you are interested, please respond to this e-mail to let me know, and I will personally help you find a volunteer opportunity that you find rewarding and meaningful.

Finally, simply "liking" our Facebook page or "following" us on Twitter is helpful. Our social media is constantly being updated with new information, and by sharing this information with your family, friends and neighbors, you are doing more for our efforts than any mailing or commercial ever would. Local, personal outreach is the most important and effective way to campaign.

We greatly appreciate all you've done for us this year, and we hope you and yours have a wonderful New Year!

Warm regards,


Val DiGiorgio
Republican Committee of Chester County