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-Need an Absentee Ballot for the April 26th Primary election?


Download the form below and mail to Chester County Voter Services


Absentee Ballot Application



-Members of the Republican Committee of Chester


County met Thursday, January 28th to endorse


candidates for Congress, State Senate, State House,


and Delegates to the National Convention.



Here is a full list of candidates who were endorsed for


the Primary Election on Tuesday, April 26th. 


  John Rafferty for Attorney General 



Otto Voit for Treasurer



John Brown for Auditor General



Congressman Ryan Costello for the 6th Congressional District


Congressman Pat Meehan for the 7th Congressional District


Representative Tom Killion for the 9th Senatorial District


Jack London for the 19th Senatorial District


Representative John Lawrence for the 13th Legislative District


Representative Tim Hennessey for the 26th Legislative District


Representative Harry Lewis for the 74th Legislative District


Representative Becky Corbin for the 155th Legislative District


Representative Dan Truitt for the 156th Legislative District


Representative Warren Kampf for the 157th Legislative District


WRITE IN: Eric Roe for the 158th Legislative District


Representative Stephen Barrar for the 160th Legislative District


Representative Duane Milnefor the 167th Legislative District



Congressman Ryan Costello and County Commissioner Michelle Kichline for 6thCongressional

Delegates to the National Convention with Doug Hager from Montgomery County



Gwenne Alexander and Neill Kling as 6th Congressional Alternate Delegates to the National Convention,and Tom Neafcy from Montgomery County



Colin Hanna for 7th Congressional Alternate Delegate, with Michael Puppio, Robert Willer, and Joan Millerfrom Delaware County as Delegates and Nick DeBenedictis as the Alternate.



Thomas Chiomento for 16th Congressional Delegate to the National Convention, with Rick Loughery as the 16th Congressional Alternate Delegate, with David Dumeyer and Gordon Denlinger from Lancaster County as Delegates and Dick Shellenberger and Tom Jones as the Alternates.  




If you would like to volunteer or support any of these


candidates please contact us! 







Val DiGiorgio 













 Chairman's Choice    Chairman's Choice


Visit the online store managed by our own Area- 2 as their fundraiser and


order wines from grapes grown here in Chester County 



Each bottle comes with the special label created


by Area 2 that proudly displays its political heritage.   




Chairman's Choice Chardonnay - $23.00 



Chairman's Choice Merlot - $25.50 



See our special arrangements for volume orders 


and for special events/candidates/causes.   






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