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Fall 2015 General Invite JPEG Page 1


The Republican Committee Members Endorse


Countywide and Magisterial District Judge Candidates


for 2015 Elections 


 Though the weather has been relentlessly cold, Primary campagin season is heating up! On May 19th, Chester County voters will elect individuals to local, countywide, and state level positions. 


Members of the Republican Committee of Chester County met Thursday to endorse candidates for County Commissioner, District Attorney, Sheriff, Recorder of Deeds, Register of Wills, Prothonotary, Court of Common Please, and Magisterial District Judge.  With 354 committee members present in person or by proxy, the Republican Committee voted to endorse:


 Terence Farrell and Michelle Kichline for County Commissioners

Tom Hogan for District Attorney

Carolyn "Bunny" Welsh for Sheriff

Rick Loughery for Recorder of Deeds

Terri Clark for Register of Wills

Matt Holliday for Prothonotary

Allison Royer for the Court of Common Pleas


"We are very pleased to endorse such an outstanding slate of highly qualified candidates," said Val DiGiorgio, Chairman of the Chester County Republican Committee.  "With one of the most financially responsible and well-run counties in the nation, good schools, excellent quality of life and beautiful open spaces and vistas, Chester County is a national role model and is consistently ranked among the top counties in the nation.  Republican leadership at the county and local levels has a lot to do with that, so we are happy to run on that record and expect a great year for our team."


Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Terence Farrell echoed Chairman DiGiorgio's sentiments stating, "Because of our county's AAA bond rating and the leadersip of our row officers, Chester County continues to garner national recognition as being a great place to live, work, and raise a family, and retire."


"I am thrilled to have the party's support and look forward to continuing to work with Terence Farrell on bringing good paying, quality jobs to Chester County and to make sure our courthouse continues to be one of the best run in the nation," said County Commissioner Michelle Kichline


Highlighting the Endorsement Convention were our statewide candidates: Supreme Court candidates Judge Judy Olson and Judge Anne Covey; Superior Court candidate Judge Emil Giordano and Commonwealth Court candidate Paul Lalley.


The committee also voted to endorse seven Magisterial District Justices (MDJ): Thomas Tartaglio (MDJ 15-1-02), Gregory V. Hines, Sr. (MDJ 15-1-03), Stephanie Phillips (MDJ 15-1-04), Lori Novak Donatelli (MDJ 15-2-07), Jeffrey J. Valocchi (MDJ 15-4-02), Ricky Campbell (MDJ 15-1-05), and Nicole Morley (MDJ 15-4-04).


We hope you will assist our slate of well-qualified Republican candidates by signing or circulating their petitions. We have petitions here at Republican Headquarters (15 S. Church Street, West Chester, PA 19382) and we are more than happy to mail you some.


If you are interested in getting involved in a campaign, please let us know. Headquarters will work closely with the candidates and the committee to schedule phone banks, door to door days, and create a calendar of community events. Please call Laura Wagoner at Headquarters (610-696-1842) if you would like to help!



Val DiGiorgio

Chairman, Chester County Republican Committee









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