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Yesterday was a great day for the Chester County Republican Party and the citizens of our county-not to mention our nation.

Thanks to an inspired team effort by our committee, donors, volunteers and elected officials, we are now sending to Harrisburg the largest state house Republican delegation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with 9 state representat...ives hailing from Chester County. Races in the 74th and 157th districts were particularly challenging. Thanks to the tireless work of this entire party both Harry Lewis and Warren Kampf prevailed. In Harry Lewis, I am proud to say Chester County will now send to Harrisburg the only African-American in the House Republican caucus!

We also had an impressive showing in winning Chester County for Tom McGarrigle and re-electing Sen. John Rafferty. In the Congressional races, Chester County won for Congressman Pitts and Congressman Meehan and I am excited to see Ryan Costello head to Congress. I have no doubt that he will we do an excellent job representing the constituents in the 6th district.

Thanks again to all of those that dedicated countless hours to ensuring victory for our Republican ticket. Your hard work delivered victory across Chester County!


If you are interested in volunteering for the Chester County GOP, please contact Laura Wagoner at or call 610-696-1842.

If you are on social media, please “like” our
Facebook page or "follow" us on Twitter! Our social media is constantly being updated with new information, and by sharing this information with your family, friends and neighbors, you are doing more for our efforts than any mailing or commercial ever would. Local, personal outreach is the most important and effective way to campaign.

We greatly appreciate all you've done for us and look forward to another successful election in November.

Warm regards,


Val DiGiorgio
Republican Committee of Chester County