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“Our Recorder’s office has not embraced technology. Since our home is our most significant asset, the office needs to evolve its fraud and theft protection. Effective, efficient, and careful recording of documents that demonstrate ownership is important to us all. I have been a highly successful executive for many years and have implemented similar technology changes, while managing the people and resources to accomplish our goals. I will bring that office into the twenty-first century.” - Brian Yanoviak


Brian is an entrepreneur who started two successful manufacturing businesses with decades of technical and managerial experience. In addition, he has held executive, upper, and middle management positions in manufacturing, distribution, and marketing for large corporations. 


A local to Chester County who graduated from Malvern Preparatory School and West Chester University, he is committed to serving the people of Chester County in PROTECTING THEIR PROPERTY RIGHTS. 


“Protecting the ability to acquire and possess property is the foundation of liberty.”

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