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“I have been protecting the interests of Pennsylvanians for over three decades since I began my career as an Assistant U.S. Attorney. My peers consistently recognized me for my achievements. I was the first Montgomery County female Chief Public Defender, Chief Deputy Solicitor, President of the Bar Association, and President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. With over 14 years of judicial experience, I have presided over thousands of criminal, civil, family court, and juvenile court cases. As a Supreme Court Justice, I will bring fairness, impartiality, and a wealth of experience to the bench.” - Judge Carolyn Carluccio

Judge Carolyn Carluccio is the incumbent Common Pleas Judge from Montgomery County who will bring unmatched experience, proven temperament, and unquestionable impartiality to Pennsylvania’s highest court.

Judge Carluccio was elected to the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court in November of 2009, where she served with distinction on the family, criminal, and civil court benches. Last year, she was unanimously chosen by her peers to serve as the Court’s first female President Judge in the county’s history. Judge Carluccio earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Dickinson College and her Juris Doctor Degree from Delaware Law School.

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