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"Judges are a force for the betterment of communities. They give people second chances, help them understand their mistakes, and aid those afflicted."

As a current Public Defender, PJ believes the Court can be a tool to improve the lives of crime victims, those suffering substance abuse and mental health crisis, and their families. For the victims, appropriate corrections and close supervision are administered to offenders to enable them to lead productive, honest lives. For those suffering from addiction and mental illness: treatment and understanding, providing an opportunity to be restored, contribute and be part of our community; and for families, justice, relief, compassion, and a new beginning.

PJ will be a Judge who understands the complexity and struggles in varied situations. He has a wide range of trial experience – criminal defense, civil litigation, business disputes, and appellate cases. He is passionate about working with those experiencing substance abuse and advocating for both traditional and treatment-based sentences to change behavior.


Redmond lives in West Goshen with his public school teacher wife, Natalie, and their two sons. He earned his law degree at Villanova University School of Law and a Bachelor’s in English Literature PJ is active in Scouting and other civic volunteer activities.

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