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Meet Dale

Dale has been a resident of Chester County his entire life, and his family, including his grandchildren, also reside here. Dale is committed to ensuring that our community thrives in the future, including economic growth, infrastructure improvements (such as the Coatesville Train Station and the Rt. 30 Bypass), and high-quality education, including enhancing school choice.

Dale has pledged to serve his constituents and the citizens of Pennsylvania as a full-time PA State Representative for the 74th District. His business, political, and public service background has positioned him as a valuable candidate to serve our community. His decades of experience as a business owner/operator give him a solid budgetary management foundation. At the same time, his years of public service as chairman of the Sadsbury Township Board of Supervisors have given him experience in managing multi-million-dollar Township budgets, making him an ideal candidate for the legislative office he will serve.

Dale is also a member of several committees, including Public Safety, Emergency Management, Public Works, Planning, and Zoning Committees. These have given him a wealth of experience and dedication to the legislative office he will serve.


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