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 “Chester County lacks diversity of thought among our County Commissioners. In this echo chamber no one is asking hard questions. I am dedicated to public service and understand how important it is to provide clear guidance to County employees, while demanding excellence and accountability. I will ask the hard questions and take on the tough topics to help restore good governance in Chester County.”  - David Sommers

David is committed to advancing the growth of Chester County while preserving its historic character and natural beauty. He will promote responsible fiscal policies, transparency in county government operations, accurate reporting, merit-based appointments, and efficient meetings. David will reject harmful interference, mandates, restrictions, and closures for schools, businesses, and places of worship. As a commissioner, he will advocate and vote for a responsive voter services organization that strives for maximum transparency, efficiency, and accuracy of its operations and ensures that all election ballots are processed legally and fairly.  


If elected, he will serve the residents of Chester County, Pennsylvania residents with respect, hard work, integrity, and discernment through common-sense policies.


David has been a secondary educator in Social Studies with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for the past 22 years, dedicated to the education and development of his students.


David is passionate about community outreach and volunteerism, demonstrated through many years of community-oriented service and offices held in support of charitable causes. 



Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18766 Bachelor's Degree (1998)

Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 19122 Master's Degree (2000)


Website: David Sommers for Chester County Commissioner 2023 (

Facebook: David Sommers for Chester County Commissioner 2023 | Facebook

Instagram: David Sommers (@sommerschescopa) • Instagram photos and videos

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