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"Chester County is changing rapidly. When fighting urban sprawl, I don't just talk the talk - I walk the walk. As a state representative, I co-sponsored the Stoneleigh Law, preventing preserved land from being built upon via eminent domain. My wife and I have four young children and we want future generations to enjoy Chester County's unique character and remarkable landscape."  - Eric Roe


At the core of Eric Roe’s ambition is the desire to someday make Chester County the most family-friendly, business-friendly county in the nation. That’s why he is running for County Commissioner. In addition, he wants to make it more affordable to live here while also preserving Chester County’s landscapes and preventing overdevelopment. Eric’s rich professional, academic, and personal experiences have shaped these achievable goals, and he has a track record of furthering this mission.


A firm believer in the free market and fiscal restraint, Eric has consistently held the line on taxes. As a Pennsylvania state legislator, he passed legislation to reform the state’s pension systems to protect taxpayers and employees from promises the state could not actually keep. Meanwhile, Eric made historic investments in education to ensure our schools and students had the resources to succeed while prioritizing quality and accountability. An advocate for those in the shadows, Eric also passed legislation to protect victims of domestic violence.


As a Chester County Commissioner, Eric Roe will balance the priorities of open space preservation with improved transportation infrastructure, lower property taxes, and meaningful government services for those who need them.


Master of Sciences, University College London, London, UK

Bachelor of Arts, American University, Washington, D.C.

Website:  Eric Roe for Chester County Commissioner 2023 (

Facebook:  Eric Roe for Chester County Commissioner 2023 | Facebook

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