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"Effective, Efficient, and Engaged full-time Public Servant." 


Endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police, Chester County Lodge Number 11. 


For 43 years, Judge John Hipple has lived in and served his Magisterial District of Pottstown. He is committed to preserving our community's safety and stability, always protecting its citizens and our way of life. 

As a District Judge, his cases include Criminal, Civil, Landlord/Tenant, Traffic, and Non-Traffic matters. Judge Hipple also supervises the daily operations of the Court and ensures that the Court receives outstanding State and County Audit Reports. 


Previously, Judge Hipple was a Patrol Officer and Detective for the North Coventry Police Department. His duties included routine patrol, enforcing criminal laws, and investigating traffic crashes. As a Detective, he investigated cases of drug offenses, thefts, and violent crimes.  

Determined to keep dangerous drugs away from our children, Judge Hipple also served as a Task Force Officer for the Drug Enforcement Administration, Philadelphia Field Division, conducting numerous investigations into drug trafficking organizations. These investigations resulted in the arrests and convictions of many defendants.  


Why re-elect Judge Hipple:

  • A decades-long record of maintaining the impartiality, integrity, and stability of the Court

  • His law enforcement background makes him well-qualified to address criminal issues increasingly affecting our communities.

  • Earned a trusted reputation as a liaison between the community and law enforcement. 

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