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Meet John

"I share the values of our community and fight for them as your Representative."

As a father, I share the hope of every parent: that life for our children will be even better than our own. That is why I ran for State Representative – to get our state back on track for today and tomorrow, and to leave a brighter future for our children and grandchildren. This is my only goal, which is why I will always put your interests and commonsense, conservative principles first in state government.    


My story is not much different than many who live in our community today. I was born and raised in southern Chester County to a close knit family. I walked to Kemblesville Elementary School. Today, my wife Rebecca and I are raising our two children near my childhood home. As a matter of fact, except for my time at college, I have always lived in our community.   


My dad, John, was a small-town dentist and my mom, Joanne, was his assistant along with being “mom.” Together, they taught me the importance of giving an honest day’s work for a fair day’s pay, the importance of not spending money you don’t have, and, most importantly, the value of helping others. These are principles that our government needs to learn and live by.   


Growing up, I spent many hours on my grandparents’ dairy farm. While feeding cows, cleaning out the barn, and repairing fences, I learned first-hand the work it takes to run a successful farm. I also learned how vital it is to preserve our agricultural heritage by protecting open space for future generations.   


After high school, I worked my way through Penn State University by working in a car factory building Chevy Malibus.  I still have the gloves that I wore down to nothing in that job to remind me of the hard work it takes to succeed. I graduated from Penn State with a degree in Business, and six months later married my wife Rebecca.  We have been blessed with two amazing daughters.   


Along with being your State Representative, I am also a concerned citizen – concerned about the loss of direction our elected leaders have displayed in the recent years.  In 2005, when the legislature raised their pay in the dark of night, I stood up for reform and took on the status quo. Since then, I have continued to shine a light on issues of importance that career politicians continue to ignore: pension reform, ending the perks, fixing the property tax system, election reform, and more.   


My pledge to you is what is has always been: if given the honor of continuing to serve as your Representative, I will always put the interests of the people first, working hard to ensure a brighter future for our state.


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