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“Superior Court candidates need a broad legal background and diverse professional experience, which equip them to evaluate appellate cases. My service as a Commonwealth Attorney and attorney for the Dept. of Defense demonstrated my competency as a zealous advocate. As an Assistant DA and Probation and Parole Hearing Examiner, I have developed a keen understanding of how decisions affect everyday people. I bring the diverse experience and fresh perspective needed by a court that assesses the conduct and decisions of judges.” 

- Maria Battista

Maria Battista has more than 15 years of legal experience in civil, criminal, and administrative law and is a former Assistant District Attorney. She is also a skilled mediator and public speaker.


As a Commonwealth attorney, Battista was counsel in the Departments of Health and State. For three years, Battista was a hearing examiner where she presided over hundreds of cases, including for the Department of Corrections and Probation and Parole. Those who know her best have found her to have a strong legal mind, while still showing compassion. Battista has been a presenter for continuing legal education courses in mediation, oral arguments before appellate courts, and health care matters. She plans to use her diverse legal and educational background to establish an office that is efficient, accountable, and transparent.


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