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"I have devoted my nearly 30-year legal career to serving our Nation and our Commonwealth and will bring my comprehensive experience in government law and process to the Commonwealth Court. I will be a judge for all the people of Pennsylvania. I will be fair and impartial and keep politics out of my courtroom. I will honor the Constitution and won't legislate from the bench. The people of our great Commonwealth deserve nothing less in their judges." - Megan Martin

Megan Martin will bring a deep respect for our republic, an understanding of the separation of powers, and a reverence for the rule of law to our Commonwealth Court.

Martin has the unique distinction of having served in all three branches of our state government and as an attorney for the United States Navy. Martin made history when she became the first woman to serve as the Pennsylvania Senate’s Secretary-Parliamentarian. There, she managed the legislative process with diligence and care for more than a decade, ensuring that the constitution, laws, and rules of the Senate were followed throughout the legislative process. Martin will be a fair and impartial jurist who will stand up for constitutional rights, will not legislate from the bench, but instead apply the law as it was written by the General Assembly.


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