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Meet Neil

"I stand for improved safety, economic opportunity for all, and accountability from our governmental officials."

Neil Young is a dedicated social studies teacher and wrestling coach who has spent his entire career in public schools. His passion for teaching and coaching has made him a valuable Great Valley School District community member. Neil has also traveled internationally, most recently to increase educational opportunities in Afghanistan for women.

Neil believes our country needs new leaders who prioritize restoring order, creating opportunities, and demanding accountability. He emphasizes that order can be achieved when our country's borders are free of deadly drugs, human trafficking, and illegal immigration. 

Neil is confident that we can maximize our natural and human resources and ensure the next generation's success through diverse and specialized educational choices. He firmly believes that accountability is vital and demands our representatives answer for their decisions, increasing the likelihood that they act in our best interest. Neil thinks executive agencies should have their funding reduced, congressional terms should be limited, and individuals should be allowed to keep more earnings from their hard work.

Neil is a lifelong resident of Chester County. He lives in a 315-year-old farmhouse in East Nantmeal Township with his wife and four children. When not coaching or cheering on his kids, he enjoys running or riding his bike on the trails of Marsh Creek or French Creek State Parks. 


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