We have received many inquiries about voters who have requested mail-in/absentee ballots during the week of 9/24 to 9/30 who have not received them. Voter Services has indicated there was likely a problem with the mail, probably at the post office.  

If you requested a ballot over two weeks ago and have not received it, it is recommended you create an inquiry with Voter Services at the following link:

After review, Voter Services may cancel the barcode of the previous ballot and issue a new one.  

Alternatively, you may call Voter Services or go in person to the Voter Services office. If you choose these routes expect to call back multiple times due to the volume of calls coming in as well as being in line for an extended time. 

For those who have not yet requested a Mail-in-Ballot but plan to do so, you may do so at Voter Services, either satellite office, or on-line here:

After requesting one in person, you have the option to vote immediately at Voters Services, one of the satellite offices, or any drop box or mailbox.


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