Updated: Oct 16, 2020

If the first week of my Chairmanship is any indication of what’s to come, we have a bright future! After assuming office, I had the opportunity to go into Republican Headquarters on Church Street in West Chester this past Tuesday. It was a humbling experience to walk into a building with so much history. The Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln, and his picture hangs prominently in the front office for all to see. But there is also evidence of those local Republicans who have faithfully served our Party for over 150 years and led our county to prominence.

The pandemic earlier this spring prevented the usual spring cleaning from taking place. When I learned this, a request was sent out to the Area Chairs asking for some to come and help with the freshening up. Despite the unexpected restrictions imposed by the governor three days earlier, we had two dozen committee members, office holders, and county candidates show up on Saturday to undertake the task. Starting in the basement and working all the way up to the attic, wearing masks and practicing social distancing, the work was accomplished in a spirit of unity and comradery. Dunkin Donuts in the morning and New Haven Style Pizza in the afternoon helped make for a joyous day.

A big thank you to Marian McGrath, Anita Edgarian, Cody Bright, Eugene Burke, Rich Cordes, Lisa Detwiler-Sifford, Patti Baxter, John Lawrence, State Rep. District 13, Rob Christiansen, Cilla and Jim Depp, Felice and Gil Fein, Barb Proto, Eric Roe, candidate for State Rep. District 158, Nancy Eck, Barb Yamarick, Thomas Donohue, Wendy Leland, candidate for State Rep. District 167, Louise Johnson, Ted Murphy, and Michael Taylor, candidate for State Rep. District 155, Donna Remesch, Michael Quinn and Maureen Snook. You exemplify the dedication and commitment to hard work that characterizes the Republican Party.

There are some final touches that have yet to be completed, so I look forward to seeing additional members from our committee this coming Saturday.

Thank you again for your selfless service.

Gordon R. Eck, Chairman RCCC



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