Election Update: 11/16/21

We are providing the following information in order to keep you informed of election-related activity. *The November 16th Special Board of Elections meeting with Commissioners Moskowitz, Kichline, and Maxwell was cancelled. The meeting had been scheduled by the County last Friday should candidates wish to be part of the State mandated recount of the Commonwealth Court election. However, yesterday the Department of State prohibited the County from adding races to the mandated recount; thus, the special meeting was moot, and therefore, cancelled. *Per the Chester County Voter Services website: “The Pennsylvania Department of State Acting Secretary has ordered a statewide recount of the entire vote cast in the November election for the office of Judge of the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania [race between Republican Drew Crompton and Democrat Lori Dumas] to be conducted by the county boards of elections. The Chester County Board of Elections will commence this recount on November 17, 2021 at 9 a.m. This recount will occur daily starting each day at 9 a.m. and conclude each day between 5-7 p.m. The recount in Chester County will take place in the Chester County Commissioners Board Room located at 313 West Market Street, 6th floor, West Chester, PA. The recount will be completed no later than Noon on Tuesday, November 23, 2021. The Chester County Board of Elections must submit the results of the recount no later than Noon on Wednesday, November 24, 2021.” *As of yesterday evening, the Chester County election has not been reconciled in every precinct. Reconciliation involves comparing the number of people who voted in the election (this precise number is provided for each precinct via the voter registration database known as “SURE”) and comparing that number with the number of votes cast. Those numbers should match exactly: one vote for each person. Sometimes there are instances when the number of people voting exceeds the number of votes. This is usually due to a vote being rejected for reasons such as: received after the deadline, completed incorrectly, etc. Then there are instances when the number of people who voted is less than the number of votes. This should never happen. When that is the case, special attention is needed to make sure that each voter only voted once. Some precincts still have more votes than people who voted in this election, and we trust they are working to reconcile those numbers. The law requires that reconciliation be completed before certification of the election takes place. *Certification for the November 2, 2021 election is scheduled for November 22, 2021. *Neither Commissioner Moskowitz nor Maxwell have responded to our request for a full audit of the election. When asked by a voter at the 11/10 Commissioners meeting, Commissioner Moskowitz indicated that they were waiting to make a decision until recounts had been completed. *An audit can be conducted even if the election is certified next week. *We have yet to be given any further explanations for the significant issues we shared with the public last week. When mistakes are made and trust in the process is broken, our elected officials have a responsibility to restore that trust. The RCCC continues to call on Commissioners Moskowitz and Maxwell to join Commissioner Kichline in an effort to conduct a full audit of the November 2nd election. Again, the purpose of an audit is to review issues that occurred and make suggestions for revised processes, personnel training, and technology that will ensure that these problems will not happen again. This is a non-partisan, good government issue. We also continue to call on the Chester County Democrats to join us in requesting an audit on behalf of the voters of Chester County. Regardless of political affiliation, all voters should have confidence in the election process.


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