Election Update 12/5/20

With the ongoing litigation taking place in our state, we have been reluctant to make any public statements until all the races were settled. But being 30 plus days out from the election, we feel it necessary to make some comments. First, our congratulations to our two incumbent State Representatives, John Lawrence and Tim Hennessey, for comfortably winning reelection. Their constituents know them well and rewarded them with two more years. Second, we congratulate Craig Williams for winning a highly contested race in the 160th District. He too will serve his district with honor. We also thank our remaining candidates who fell short in their races. It was not due to lack of qualifications or commitment. There is no doubt we shall see some of them again and next time, the results will be different. Our gratitude goes out to all our committee people and volunteers who worked so hard on behalf of our candidates and county. Aside from the obvious success in the election of candidates, we saw a substantial increase in Republican registrations and turnout. A special thank you goes to Paul Verduci and his team of solicitors who worked tirelessly toward seeing that our election process in Chester County did not experience some of the problems seen elsewhere. We are aware of the concerns many of you have raised regarding the integrity of the election and take each one seriously. Next week I will be conferencing with my fellow southeast counterparts and the State Committee to review these issues. On the national level, the last thing we want is a repeat of the past four years where the Democrats insisted our President was illegitimate. Based on the data and sworn affidavits, it is understandable why the Trump team is asking for their day in court. It is also perfectly valid and constitutional to delay announcing a President-elect until the Electoral College meets and votes. What is taking place reminds me of how blessed we are to live in a country where disputed elections are settled in the courts with lawyers, rather than in the streets with guns. I am sure my counterpart will join me in encouraging everyone to be patient and let the process that our brilliant founders established play out. Gordon R Eck, D.O., D.Min., Chairman Republican Committee of Chester County


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