Election Update 12/5/20 -Addendum

Thank you for your responses to my update earlier today. Please know that I share both your concern and frustration over this election. The allegations from across our state and throughout the country are alarming and deserve answers.

As the Chester County Republican Chairman, my primary responsibility is to the Republicans here in our county. To that end:

* Our legal team and officers met with Voter Services at least once a week from September through election day regarding the policies and procedures to be followed in Chester County to ensure a fair and transparent election that are consistent with state law, as the laws are currently written.

* Starting on election day and continuing through the final vote count two weeks later our legal team and at least an additional 50 volunteers had continuous meaningful observation of the vote count.

* During that two-week period representatives from the Trump Campaign and other interested parties also joined our team from time to time. Those additional representatives, being extremely confident in the job we did leading up to the election and during the vote count, did not find it necessary to remain at the vote count, unlike they did in other counties.

* Even now, after the vote has been certified by the County, I have been in close contact with Chester County Voter Services as well as our solicitor and his team regarding your concerns as they relate to Chester County. Our solicitors, committee people, and volunteers have donated literally hundreds of hours to ensure our election was fair and every legal vote, and only legal votes, were counted in Chester County.

More broadly, we continue to seek answers to the allegations raised by the Trump team and others. We speak with the state Party leaders on a regular basis and have another meeting scheduled this coming week. We are meeting with Voter Services next week as well. We continue to advise our elected officials about the deficiencies in the current election laws due to our hands-on experience over the past few months.

We have done, and will continue to do, our best for the President. We have supplied him with the information and insight he needs to prepare his cases. Some of the relative silence from your local leadership is by request and on behalf of the Trump campaign as they prepare their case. Let us continue to work together to ensure, regardless of the outcome, that only legitimate votes were counted. We owe this to our President and our fellow Americans.

Gordon R Eck, D.O., D.Min., Chairman Republican Committee of Chester County


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