Election update: Message from the Chairman 1/28/22 regarding the November 2021 election.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to have an informational meeting with Michelle Kichline, our Commissioner, Karen Barsoum, Voter Services Director, and Robert Kagel, County Administrator. I am appreciative of the time they afforded me to share my concerns about the 2021 election and the many problems associated with it. From our discussions it was clear that our voting process has become exceedingly complex. This leaves opportunity for misunderstanding and the potential for error and abuse. As to the former, Voter Services has graciously committed to increasing communication. The method has not been finalized, but it may include on-line resources, feedback buttons, and public forums. Regarding the serious concerns for error and abuse, there was an understanding that a review of some form needs to be done. It is essential that we learn all that went wrong in the 2021 election, how it happened, and what must be done to ensure it does not happen again. Voter Services is already appropriately undertaking an internal investigation. Additionally, due to the multitude of problems that occurred, the Republican Committee of Chester County believes an independent outside investigation should be conducted. This would go a long way in restoring trust in our election process. I am grateful that at the Board of Electors meeting of November 22nd, 2021, Marian Moskowitz, Chair of the Commissioners, directed the first step in the process of undertaking an investigation using an outside firm. Now let’s ensure this firm is independent and has the authority to conduct a thorough exam. For those of you who are committed to seeing that Chester County has fair and trustworthy elections, I encourage you to remain active in respectfully communicating your commitment to the Commissioners who have the power to make it a reality. I will be following up with Commissioner Kichline next week. We have been in regular communication and she remains our strongest ally in this pursuit. Thank you,

Gordon Eck, D.O., D.Min

Chairman, Republican Committee of Chester County


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