Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Once again we are seeing violence in the streets. This time it is only 30 miles away and drawing closer. The Republican Committee of Chester County stands with our law-enforcement officers and those innocent citizens experiencing loss. 

Violence is never the answer. Those who suffer most from looting and rioting are the minority communities our public officials profess to be most concerned about. But public officials who refuse to defend innocent people in the face of these attacks and even contemplate the idea of removing police protection from them or reducing their funding, do not have the interests of law-abiding citizens at heart and lack basic common sense. 

It is hard to exaggerate the seriousness of what is happening in our communities. This is beyond the typical corruption we see in politicians. A corrupt politician breaks the law, but usually holds others accountable when they break it. But what we are experiencing now with the tolerance of criminality, coupled with the indiscriminate and unethical lockdowns of businesses, is the undermining of the most basic function of government. State and local governments themselves are causing serious damage to the livelihoods and businesses of innocent citizens and then refusing to protect those citizens when criminals loot and destroy their businesses.

Law-abiding citizens are being punished and their protections removed, while at the same time lawbreakers are treated with unnecessary leniency, enabling their criminality. This is perverse and contrary to the fundamental purpose of government. It is the government undermining rather than upholding the basic preconditions of social order. 

The time is long overdue to restore the rightful function to our state and local governments. I urge everyone to support our Republican candidates who will do just that. Our prayers remain with those who have suffered loss and the police who are risking their lives to protect them.  

-Dr. Gordon Eck, Chairman RCCC


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