Regina Mauro

Chester County Controller

Some have asked why, especially in today’s political environment, would I want to jump in and run for office. The short answer is I’ve witnessed management, considered adequate by some, to be quite deficient at times when it counted most, failing at the most basic level. It made me wonder what goes undetected, falling through the cracks behind the scenes. I couldn’t sit by and witness people with very narrow professional experience, well intended as they may be, making decisions over large, costly and complex issues while unwittingly contributing to the county’s financial challenges, further polarization, and the distress of many of its residents; I had to step in. It was time I put all the knowledge, experiences and success I’ve had for the benefit of my employers (or my family) to the benefit of my Chesco community. The Controller’s office is where I know I would contribute the most.



*Regional talent acquisition, training and development (Philadelphia, Mexico, Atlanta)


*Corporate-Affiliates Operations training and transition lead (Cincinnati, Tulsa)


*Co-established and managed Regional Credit Reporting Center (Fortune 500, Philadelphia)


*Sales Manager (largest office in the US for Fortune 500, Atlanta)


*International expansion via strategic partnerships, and mergers and acquisitions (Mexico, Chile, Argentina)


*Featured speaker on various platforms (podcasts, live television, webinar, in-person town halls).


*Featured in national television 30-sec commercial representing Fortune 500 Co. (Telemundo – 9 mo. run)


*New Product Development Manager (Fortune 500, Atlanta HQ)


*Merchandise selection and importation (Australia, France, Italy, Spain)


*E-commerce company start-ups (Private Enterprise and as Small Business Owner)


*Search engine and credit risk algorithm development (Latin America)


FULL-TIME MANAGEMENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS – Most Recent 48-Month Abstract (as employee):

*#1 team - business profitability


*100% client satisfaction – Top scores across all survey metrics


*Fastest & most substantial profitability increase in most difficult market


*#1 team - new market penetration


*Top recruiter among sales managers


*Top 5% rank by branch operations for quality and expediency


Additional Highlights: 

-Strong leadership, product knowledge, marketing savvy, integrity, adherence to principles and spirit of underwriting guidelines, and highly profitable business generation prompted promotion to Management 17 months after entering the business & industry for the first time.


-Unsolicited request to Sr. Regional Management by Sales and Operations staff to be promoted to AVP. Unprecedented promotion for anyone with less than 5 years industry experience. .


-Improved Net Economic Contribution by 13.2% within 1stQuarter as AVP/Branch Manager in the midst of a rapidly deteriorating market. Standards for acceptable performance defined and implemented: Primary focus on pricing management, ethical/client-focused revenue maximization strategies, smarter marketing and cost restructure.



Operations Management Highlights

-Promoted to top Operations position in Region after only 26 months work experience.


-Center consistently ranked in the top 2 in the country for above the line profitability

-Consistently maintained superior levels of productivity and one of the lowest turnover rates in the country


-Selected by Corporate leadership to lead operational/system transition team in 2 of the largest corporate affiliate operations 


-Earned membership to Corporation’s “Winner’s Circle” for operations excellence


Sales Management Highlights

-Promoted with only 3 years sales experience to lead sales & customer service team of the largest US sales office


-Consistently exceeded revenue and profitability goals

-Designed and piloted new program addressing debtor management deficiencies in the health care industry; beta client realized a 52% reduction in write-offs within first 6 months

-Developed and established a comprehensive employee assessment program focusing on employee strengths, developmental needs, and true sales performance. Success of the program prompted implementation throughout the Southeastern Region.


-Selected by Company president to assist him in the establishment of joint ventures in Chile and Argentina


Marketing Management Highlights

-Designed 5 new "total solution" information services addressing delinquency management, debtor location, tenant screening, risk management, and comprehensive medical records management system.  Revenue potential:  $200 + million/year.


-Selected by company President as key resource to launch Mexico operation. Planned and coordinated various start-up activities related to sales, marketing, human resources, operations, and government compliance including recruitment, training, product development, HR policies and procedures, work flow processes and regulatory policies.


Business Owner / Startup Entrepreneur Highlights:

-Personally involved in all aspects of operation – US & Foreign markets research, product acquisition in Australia, France, Italy and Spain, freight forwarding and customs clearance, print / virtual catalog design, production and management, advertising, order fulfillment and customer service.  

-Established clientele in the Caribbean, North & South America within 1 month from business launch.


-Designed Internet virtual gallery that generated immediate 54% visitor feedback and two magazine feature articles.