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"I have worked from the entry-level to Deputy in the Sheriff's Office, which has given me insight into what the office is missing. I will bring back the integrity the office once had, treat the deputies with the respect they deserve, and restore the Sheriff's Office to operational status." - Roy Kofroth


Roy Kofroth is a blue-collar Delaware County native who moved to Chester County in 1993 with his family and business. Roy started in the glass business at 14 years old. Having his operation for 40 years has rewarded him with the experience of running an office with efficiency and customer service. Everyone that comes to the Sheriff's office is a customer in some way.


Roy also has trained regularly in Martial Arts for 52 years, attaining the rank of 6th Dan in Tang Soo Do and 35 years in Hung Gar Kung Fu. In addition, he has been a Martial Arts Instructor for 30 years and opened his school, World Martial Arts Academy, in 1999. In those three decades, Roy has been more than an instructor; he's been a mentor. Some of the disciplines he instills in his students are lifelong, including restraint, modesty, and self-esteem.


After giving his sons control of his businesses, Roy joined the Sheriff's office as a security officer. He was next asked to become a Deputy, which involved attending the Police Academy and fulfilling all requirements at 59 years old when the nearest age cadet was half his age. While there, the Academy instructors asked him to teach defensive tactics to his fellow cadets. After graduation, he was asked by the prior Sheriff (Welsh) to put together a defensive tactics program. Upon completion, he trained the Deputies.


Roy has the Administrative and actual experience to direct and guide the Sheriff's Office into the future, reinstall honor into the protection of the public, protect all that come into the County buildings, and inspire the Deputies to be the best they can be, both on the job and in their personal lives. 

Website:  Roy Kofroth for Chester County Sheriff. (

Facebook:  Roy for Chester County Sheriff | Facebook

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