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Shawn Blickley

State Representative 26th District

    Meet Shawn

    Common - Sense Leadership and Honesty


    It is crucial to elect individuals in Harrisburg who understand that effective governance requires listening to opposing viewpoints and working together to solve problems. For me, serving as the 26th District's state representative means enacting policies and laws that decrease the government's role in our daily lives and empower individuals, communities, and local government to play positive roles in keeping Pennsylvania the best state to raise a family, grow a business, and retire in. My candidacy is not driven by political agendas and ideologies but rather by a desire to limit the role of government, push back against excessive reach, lower taxes, and provide essential services to the residents of Pennsylvania.


    Shawn is a proud 4th generation Pennsylvanian who joined the U.S. Navy after finishing school. He served in various roles for 23 years and retired as a Lieutenant Commander in 2013. Shawn and his wife, Roslyn, returned to Pennsylvania, where they decided to serve the community by running for elected office in Chester County. This decision shows their commitment to serving others.


    Shawn's dedication to his country and community is admirable. His story includes service, hard work, patriotism, and inspiring others. Shawn says, "I have spent my career serving our country in uniform, guided by honesty, integrity, and a commitment to doing what is right."


    Shawn firmly believes in prioritizing service to the 26th District and the people of Pennsylvania. While he no longer serves as a pilot on Aircraft Carriers or Destroyers, the values of integrity, leadership, vision, and tenacity he learned in the NAVY continue to guide him as he strives for practical and effective solutions in Harrisburg.


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