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"I was The Register of Wills for eight years, and the Office was efficient and effective. Some services were canceled by the current Register of Wills, who is paid $84,519 a year but rarely shows up. If you elect me, I will restore this critical county service to its former level of excellence."  - Terri Clark


Terri Clark seeks reelection to restore The Register of Wills Office to operational excellence. As the former Register of Wills (2012-2020), Terri implemented significant initiatives, including technology to receive payments, organize and file documents, and cross-train the entire staff on all procedures associated with the Office. She also instituted outreach services, including off-site appointments to veterans, the elderly, and people with disabilities for them to obtain marriage licenses. 


Terri plans to address the problems in the Office, including the new electronic filing system that she initiated and was prematurely implemented after her departure. She will open the Office to the public, eliminating the "Appointment Only" practice of obtaining a marriage license or probating an estate. 


Terri has been a resident of Chester County for over 40 years. She worked as Executive Assistant to the Controller at the Chester County Controller's Office. She has previously worked in the West Chester Area School District and was a West Chester Area School District Board Director. 


She lives in West Chester and has two adult children and six grandchildren.

Terri Clark for Register of Wills - Facebook

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