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“My experience representing families and small businesses in the courtrooms across Chester County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will prepare me to serve as District Judge on Day 1.” 


As an attorney practicing for Lachall, Cohen & Sagnor in West Chester, Tim Arndt brings 25 years of courtroom experience and a deep understanding of the rule of law and courtroom procedures. 


No other candidate in the race is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania. Tim represented clients in thirteen of our Commonwealth’s sixty-seven Courts of Common Pleas and in federal court in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and the Southern District of New York. In addition, Tim chaired arbitration panels as part of Chester County’s arbitration program, hearing cases just like a District Judge would. 


Serving as an arbitration chair, he was required to determine the law and rulings on evidence. Tim also successfully argued a case before Pennsylvania Superior Court. As an attorney, he advocates for the growth of small and family-owned businesses, helping them navigate complex legal issues.  


As a community member, Tim worked as a volunteer coach at Twin Valley High School. He currently serves on the Twin Valley School Board as Board Vice President. He also chairs a special committee on athletics to improve team performances and increase student participation. As a Board Member, he fought to keep taxes low and voted for in-person instruction as an option during the pandemic. 


Why elect Tim Arndt, Esq.:

  1. 25 years of courtroom experience as an attorney in Chester County and across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

  2. The only licensed attorney running for District Judge 15-3-06

  3. School Director (Vice President) for Twin Valley School District.

  4. Pro Bono work for several organizations, including Girls on the Run and Eastern Pennsylvania Down Syndrome Center

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