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Meet Tina

Creating Opportunities for a Stronger Community


Tina is dedicated to creating positive change for the 158th District, focusing on limited spending, economic growth, and high-quality education. She is committed to addressing every constituent's concern and actively participates in community service to identify and meet the community's needs.

Tina has a professional background in the mortgage industry as a Senior Loan Processor, Operations Manager, Marketing Manager, and licensed Realtor. Her commitment to public service began early in her career when she helped individuals with financial challenges and investments. Her unique perspective on addressing the financial concerns of the community comes from her experience of growing up in a low-income family.

Tina was born into a Puerto Rican family and grew up in Elizabeth, NJ, a diverse and culturally rich community. She faced several personal challenges during her childhood, including her parents' separation and taking care of her mother, who suffered from constant epileptic seizures. Despite these difficulties, Tina showed remarkable strength and resilience and became the first person in her family to obtain a college degree. Tina has been known throughout her life for her hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to her community.

Tina values family, stability, and creating a high quality of life for the community. She's ready to lead with empathy, integrity, and commitment to supporting policies that create opportunities for a stronger community.

She enjoys coaching lacrosse and volunteering at her kid's school.


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