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Who is the Republican Committee of Chester County?

Regular people.

We are moms, dads, and grandparents.

School teachers and college students.

White collar and blue collar.

Young entrepreneurs and retired seniors.

We are not an organization

driven by political agendas.

We are year-round volunteers

driven by the desire to

protect Chester County quality of life,

safeguard its residents' freedoms, and

secure a competent, ethical and resident-focused government.

We are your friends.

We are your neighbors.

2 words guide us: Community First.

What is "Community First"?

"Community first" describes the values and principles that serve as guideposts to everything we do. Community first is being...


We can only support our community by supporting its residents; patronizing locally owned businesses, being there for one another in times of trouble, stepping up to help our neighbors, no matter the circumstances or differences.

-Supporters of Freedom-

We believe it is only through the pursuit and exercise of personal freedoms that an individual's hopes can be fully realized. This belief frames our view of government as one that exists not to infringe upon but support the people's Constitutionally granted rights.

-Open Space Stewards-

We know that in order to preserve Chester County's beautiful natural landscape we MUST protect its environment from over development. While government officials may feel the need to seek additional revenues we must demand they never do at the expense of what we want our county to be

- Open, clean, and safe -

-Collaborative, Accepting, Respectful, Ethical-


Everyone has unique, individual strengths to foster a strong community. Being our diversity IS our strength, we seek, respect and accept differences, and welcome dissent. It is the only way we can secure the best outcomes for our community.

Please know...

All of the candidates endorsed for election

by the Republican Committee of Chester County share these beliefs.

If you agree, please give them your support on Election Day!


Email us at  or visit

You can also follow us on Facebook at

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