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John Emmons


John has been a resident of Chester County for 21 years. In addition to being the Executive Vice-Chair of the RCCC, John was the Republican U.S. Congressional candidate for the 6th District in 2020. In addition, he has held multiple positions within the party, including Area Chair and Committeeman. 

John has always been active in his community civically and as a volunteer, having been the Founding President of the Faith & Freedom Coalition. PA, Co-founder of Coalition for Advancing Freedom, and his work with the United Way.

Professionally, John is a chemical engineer, having held various leadership roles in manufacturing for over 40 years for international companies.

He enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren (4) and working around the yard and garden. In addition, he has a strong interest in environmental conservation. 


He lives with his wife, Alison, in West Grove, Southern Chester County.

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