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Why the Apprehension of the Fugitive Took So Dog-Gone Long

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

The Chester County Sheriff’s office had an award-winning Canine Unit. Under Sheriff Fredda Maddox, the unit is down to two K-9 Officers.

Just four years ago, the Sheriff's Office had eight dogs with various canine skills in scent, drugs, bombs, and cadaver accelerants able to be utilized for any fugitive situation. Each dog was specially trained and certified in tracking and apprehension. Danelo Cavalcante escaped the County prison on August 31st and had been on the run, roaming our community and breaking into multiple homes, including stealing a rifle to sustain himself. Cavalcante was on the run for 14 days before his capture on September 13th by the PA State Police, joined by Yoda, a K-9 Officer from the U.S. Border Patrol Tactical Unit. For two weeks the community was operating on high alert, including periods of business and school closings and residents being directed to stay indoors.

If the Sheriff's Office had only maintained a K-9 Unit of eight dogs, they could have immediately deployed them after the escaped fugitive was reported missing - But they didn't. As the fugitive was on foot, those dogs would have had him cornered and apprehended in a few short hours - That didn't happen.

The current administration made no effort to replace the dogs NOR to hire working Deputies to partner with the dogs. There are approximately 40 vacancies in the Sheriff's Office, which is roughly two-thirds of the non-supervisory deputies. Such diminishment of critical resources leaves us vulnerable.

Unfortunately, it took 14 days to apprehend Cavalcante.

The current administration made no effort to replace the dogs.

This is what happens when inexperienced people are elected to public Office.

We do have a 2023 candidate for Chester County Sheriff, Roy Kofroth, who is fully-qualified and experienced for the job. And he likes dogs. We encourage you to elect him on November 7.

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