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DA Seeks Promotion to Judge After Firing Chester County’s First African-American Chief

When District Attorney Deb Ryan took office, she followed in Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner’s footsteps and fired everyone who worked for the prior administration – including the Chief of Detectives. An employer has the right to fire an employee for any reason. They cannot do it for the wrong reason, and the Chief of Detectives filed a suit alleging that his termination was racially motivated.

Although the Board of Commissioners settled out of Court, the County was left on the hook for DA Ryan's conduct.

Chester County paid now Deputy Sheriff $126k for District Attorney Ryan’s alleged discriminatory conduct. The Chief Detective made the allegation. The media extensively covered it. We will never know all of the details of this sordid affair because the Democrat-majority Board of Commissioners agreed to settle out of Court, preventing the public from learning what happened. However, Chester County is on the hook for her conduct.

Deb Ryan, our one-term District Attorney, should most certainly not be promoted to Judge after being sued for alleged racial discrimination and a behind-closed-doors settlement costing taxpayers $126k plus whatever the County had to pay its lawyers, right out the gate of her public service. Deb Ryan is asking Chester County residents to make her a judge and to rely on her impartiality despite her poor judgment and recklessness. We know that past decisions project what future decisions will be.

We will be electing five Judges to our Court of Common Pleas on November 7. Among those running we have five candidates who are well-known for their good judgment. Please vote for Judge Lou Mincarelli, Dave Black, Don Kohler, PJ Redmond, and Andy Rongaus.

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