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See for Yourself: The Safer Communities Press Conference

On Wednesday, September 6, a crowd of concerned citizens gathered on and around the old Courthouse steps in West Chester to hear Chester County GOP leadership and 2023 candidates share remarks about Danelo Cavalcante's recent escape from prison and the circumstances surrounding the pursuit. This 'Safer Communities' Press Conference was timely, to-the-point, and highly supportive of law enforcement.

Republican Committee of Chester County Chairman Raffi Terzian focused attention on county management impacting the situation, before, during, and after the escape. Especially considering that Cavalcante's is the second such breakout since May 2023, using the same plan and strategy, this focus is certainly reasonable.

Terzian raised questions about how a convicted murderer, let alone any prisoner, could walk out of prison in broad daylight. He also asked why there was a delay in letting the public know of the escape.

Terzian said, "This crisis prompts many questions about policy, resources, funding, and the competence of those running our county government."

"I've just listened to the County press conference," he continued, "And still, many questions remain – fair and reasonable questions that require firm answers. We hope a thorough investigation will provide clarity."

Joining Terzian on the podium were 2023 County Commissioner candidates Eric Roe and David Sommers, as well as District Attorney candidate Ryan Hyde.

To hear what the candidates had to say about the prison escape click here or on the image above.

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