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Sheriff Seeks Promotion to Judge After Driving the Sheriff’s Office to Ruin

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Fredda Maddox resigned from her job as Chief of Public Safety at Cheyney University when it became known that she was moonlighting on her job as our Sheriff. The Sheriff’s Office has declined under her leadership because she has neglected her duties.

We are spending large amounts of money to outsource courthouse security since the Sheriff’s office can no longer meet its responsibilities. It may at this point be necessary to bring in “mall cops” since Sheriff Maddox and Sheriff Candidate Dykes have degraded their office so far.

As we saw when Cavalcante escaped we no longer have enough officers or dogs to recover fugitives. When Maddox and Dykes took office, there were 75 deputies and four vacancies. By January 2023, there were 39 deputies and 36 vacancies. Morale is understandably low among officers unaccustomed to such a poorly run office.

Now, this same failed leader wants us to make her a judge. Do we want candidates who use our county offices merely as stepping stones to another pension and personal "opportunity?" It would be an irony for Sheriff Maddox to have to rely upon the Sheriff’s Office for her security after having gutted the Department.

Our Sheriff’s Office is composed of some of the finest officers in the county. They deserve leadership that knows them and cares about them. Roy Kofroth was a sheriff’s deputy and is well-qualified to restore this crucial county service.

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